Internet Media Copyright Association

The keeper of CopyrightCoins

CopyrightCoins – the currency of royalties!

Our mission is to support and coordinate the efforts of the CopyrightCoins community by helping to create greater awareness of the benefits of the CopyrightCoins in royalties payment.

Providing more money, faster for Copyright owners and at same time creating Content as a Service (CaaS) for the Digital Service Providers (DSP or retailers) that provides the consumer facing proposition for music, videos, articles, pictures, design, User Generated Content, gaming etc.

The importance of governance

in keeping the CopyrightCoins stable...



New Internet Media ltd

The holding company holds all Intellectual Property,  ideas and software rights as well as owns and controls the commercial companies in the Internet Media Group.
It is responsible for leasing all necessary rights to the “not-for-profit” operations.

Westcoast Innovation ltd

is an incubator and investor company based on the Westcoast of Sweden and in London, UK -dedicated to the development of blockchain and fintech applications

Replacing paper proof with digital proof .